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US Steel Kosice expects a decline in key indicators in Q2
June 19, 2024
Embracing Intelligence, Bringing Technological Innovations to Safety Production
June 14, 2024
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2024.09.11 ~ 12
Dubai, UAE
The steel industry is the foundation of modern industrial society, providing essential support for a wide range of sectors, including construction, infrastructure, aerospace, automotive and machinery. However, as one of the most energy-intensive industries in the world, the steel industry accounts for approximately 25 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions from manufacturing. With climate issues
2024.10.28 ~ 29
Detroit, Michigan
Due to the increasing climate challenges faced by the world, low-carbon development has increasingly become a global consensus, and the green low-carbon transformation of the industry has become the key to solving the bottleneck problems of environment, energy and resources. Steel production is the largest emitting manufacturing sector on the planet, accounting for 7% of total man-made greenhouse ga
2024.11.21 ~ 22
The steel industry is an important foundational industry in the national economy and is crucial for economic and social development. With the announcement of the "Peak Carbon" and "Carbon Neutrality" targets in 2020, the steel industry has become a key area for achieving green and low-carbon development goals. Green and low-carbon development has become a universal consensus both nationally and glob
2025.03.25 ~ 26
Europe has been at the forefront of the fight against climate change and has set ambitious climate targets. These targets not only challenge the entire European economy, but also place stringent demands on the high-carbon emitting steel industry.
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Green Steel Hub (GSH), ECV’s “Green Steel” series global event center, is a gateway to a greener steel future. At GSH, we are committed to providing a neutral platform through our events, gathering the latest expert insights and practical actions that address the current challenges faced by steel industry, and laying a solid foundation for a more sustainable future that steel production and the climate change coexist in harmony.
Driven by a vision of a worldwide steel production is not only efficient but also environmentally responsible, steel industry is striving to reduce carbon emissions, minimize waste, and conserve natural resources. GSH’s mission is to build a bridge for steel industry participants, promote expert exchanges and business corporations, accelerate the sustainability process of the steel industry, and shape a brighter and cleaner tomorrow for future generations.
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